Network Services

Our engineers have experience of designing and installing network systems ranging from a small office LAN to a large corporate WAN.


No matter at what stage your corporate network is at, we will advise you on the best ways to optimize your network to maximum efficiency. Microtech Systems develops and installs the computer network within all the Physics buildings. We are also responsible for the electronic door locking some aspects of the telephone network.We will usually supply all components up to and including the cable from the computer to the wall. A basic 100Mbit/s connection is provided by default although the case for 1000Mbit/s backbones and server connections will be considered and a decision made based on the loading of the existing network.

In computer network programming, the application layer is an abstraction layer reserved for communications protocols and methods designed for process-to-process communications across an Internet Protocol (IP) computer network. Application layer protocols use the underlying transport layer protocols to establish host-to-host connections for network services.



Many Internet Protocol-based services are associated with a particular well-known port number which is standardized by the Internet technical governance. For example World-Wide-Web servers operate on port 80, and email relay servers usually listen on port 25. Different services use different packet transmission techniques.


TCP versus UDP

In general, packets that must get through in the correct order, without loss, use TCP, whereas real time services where later packets are more important than older packets use UDP. For example, file transfer requires complete accuracy and so is normally done using TCP, and audio conferencing is frequently