Cloud Computing

Organize your network the way you want it, without having to maintain your own network


Not everyone went to school for computer networking, but just about every business uses some sort of computing technology. Whether its providing digital receipts to customers, checking your e-mail or organizing your company's health insurance policy, technology can aid you in your endeavors, ensuring a more organized, more efficient working environment.

Enter the Cloud. The Cloud is a Microtech Systems -owned, web-centric database independently maintained by a Cloud provider. Businesses and individuals have the opportunity to rent out space on these databases to use however they so choose. This means secure information can be accessed by Cloud customers anywhere there is an internet connection.

TACG implements, maintains, updates, and improves your Cloud network so you don't have to. So if you are the representative of a federal or a commercial organization and want your people to collaborate more effectively and efficiently, TACG has the means to take you to the next level with Cloud Computing.